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Come Out Fighting Blackout / Soundtrack to a Shipwreck


Come out Fighting let their music cascade around you in a sort of classically energizing, impossible to ignore manner. The roar of heavy rock meets with the descending and somewhat manic progression of power-chords you might more commonly find in punk rock, and in among this you also get a really effective melody, and a series of riffs that meet the high energy and embrace of the drums beautifully.

Feeling partly metal-like in nature, but also partly folk-punk-inspired in this near-acoustic gathering of voices – the song Blackout makes for a fine introduction to a band who will almost certainly blow the roof off at a live show. Feeling reminiscent of Bad Religion as much as System of a Down – this raw and infectious level of passion and pace is given an artistic swagger thanks to long-form melodies and a set-up that feels short-film-like as the moments pours through.

Soundtrack To A Shipwreck reinforces all of this even more so. The track plays out like a piece of theater, complete with its many and often unpredictable sections, yet still always returning to these awesomely satisfying musical outbursts. Melody and intensity meet with a clear understanding of musicianship and what works well for an audience. The story-line in this case captivates of its own accord, but the soundscape underlines and enhances that every step of the way.

By the time these two tracks have played out, not only are you wide awake and ready to face the world, you also categorically know what the band Come Out Fighting sound like. Their ability to reignite the various sub-genres of rock in a manner that engages and impresses a contemporary audience is incredibly exciting. Stunning musical abilities are surrounded by a thoughtful and intentional way with composition and story-telling, and at the same time – there is a sound here, a certain style, that you can only currently attach to Come Out Fighting.

Having mixed intense levels of energy with such a satisfying and uplifting central aura, Come Out Fighting are set to make waves with this new EP. Stages and underground venues across the globe will likely feel immense gratitude as a band like this steps into view. I look forward to a live show, and indeed to more music. Brilliant songwriting and an amazingly authentic, refreshing punk-rock approach.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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