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Comatose Red Ivy Take This Dance


Emotive piano and emotionally drained vocals aptly unite as Comatose Red Ivy addresses the ache of separation throughout a hauntingly honest Take This Dance.

Immediately recognisable as the in-the-moment style of Comatose Red Ivy, the new single lights up a fresh corner of creativity – mellow spoken-word bars and hints of melody emerge, along with a clear sense of rhythm vocally, which, despite its calm pace, works well to keep things structurally engaging; and to elevate the progression of the soundscape in line with the changing stages of the story.

Imagery-laden and taking the listener right to the heart of these intimate memories, Take This Dance offers a uniquely ambient deep-dive into love and all that comes with it.

The latter half feels way more optimistic and committed than the former, presenting a sense of flying high, of possibility and of this moment never ending.

Notably loaded with depths beyond the first lyrics that pierce through, Take This Dance talks of control and beauty and uncertainty and desire all at once. It’s as complex as human relationships themselves, and Red Ivy ultimately explores the topic in one of the most openly vulnerable and original ways possible.

A defiant highlight from the catalogue so far, cinematic and interesting, authentic, fearless in its depiction of infatuation and connection.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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