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Spoken-word-style freely meandering hip hop along the vein of a recently viral Hobo Johnson pours through, alongside emotively dreamy music, as Speedtart kicks off this uniquely unsettled outpouring of longing that is DEGENERATE LOVE TALES.

Bringing together elements of humour with sadness and a quickly recognisable vocal tone and performance style, the EP feels particularly relevant right now – given the ache of life, the distance and isolation. While there’s a freestyle, unedited nature to these vocal ramblings, you can’t help but listen – it’s almost like a drunk friend pouring their heart out as the music drowns away their troubles.

Fusing equal parts love with resentment, the EP is incredibly true to the Comatose Red Ivy sound – integrity reigns, and there’s plenty to commend in that.

Poisoned Sweettart is all the more musically impressive, and immersive. Great sound-design meets with a little more vocal rhythm, and a tired sound that again feels improvised but intentional in its pain and scorn.

Thottart follows and we’re piecing together the angry and heartbroken tart theme. This one has a mellow swagger about it and plenty of space, well-placed as the central track on the project.

Candy Painttart follows and completely redirects things, changing the scene, the tone, the vibe – feeling more organic and optimistic, rhythmically engaging and lyrically welcoming; a sort of quirky moment of oneness.

Tainted Sweettart brings things to a colourful, pop-style finish. One final story, revealing and questioning as it haphazardly weaves its way through the details.

Without a doubt, there’s not much else like this out there. The production is contemporary, the voice unique, the performance less structural and more of a series of monologues with the occasional resolve or hook. There’s a skit-like nature to much of it, which kind of helps it stand out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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