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Collins Isco The One (Official Video)


Injecting a clear degree of identity into the modern music scene, Collins Isco leads with personality and flair throughout an infectious bounce of a new track entitled The One.

From classic hip hop vibes and vocal clarity, through to afro-pop rhythms, melodies and smooth progressions, Collins Isco’s music showcases versatility and uninhibited creative roots in a memorable way.

Offering a late-night dance classic of good vibes and a catchy hook united, The One showcases the best of the rapper and artist’s sound in a timeless and professionally captured way.

From longer-form moments of wordplay and lyrical development, to the more simple, short and recognisable repeat of the hook and other familiar references, the release stylishly blends contemporary pop qualities with alternative intentions and tones, ultimately promising an eclectic yet well-rooted sound and style; designed to let the summer scenes last.

Structurally fresh, fearlessly bringing together genres, The One highlights the Collins Isco voice in every way – from the natural sound to the writing, the pace, the overall performance style.

An easy hit, well produced and indicative of a creative with a clear love for the process.

Download or stream The One here. Check out Collins Isco on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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