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Collaborations Running Out Of Tomorrows


Deeply moving and mighty vocals unite for this gospel meets soul-rock single from Collaborations.

Lighting up the room from the outset with a chorus of voices and inspiring, hopeful lyrics, Running Out Of Tomorrows goes on to bring in a full band set-up of electric guitar, horns, bass, drums, and a generally bigger vibe, as it then follows separate vocal leads through a more contemplative, reflective set of verses.

Utilising contrast well, the song balances the opening optimism with the heartache of the first verse, then builds upon this with a notably brighter sense of possibility, which continues to grow – along with the presence and warmth of the vocals – as the latter half takes hold.

Devoted to equality and oneness, Running Out Of Tomorrows blends genres for an ultimately mainstream melody and vibe that aptly creates a sense of urgency and community combined.

The performance is faultless, from the heart and musically precise as the post-four-minute journey consistently embraces the listener. The recording is also beautifully captured, and the organic arrangement swiftly prompts interest in the live show.

The final moments feature a huge finish, repeating the central sentiments and positive energy to really further that promising sense of belief in better.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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