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Coda Nova FABLE


Soulful arena-rock blends delicacy of pace with vastness of topic, as Atlanta’s Coda Nova get melodically enthralling and deeply poetic, with Fable.

Rising up through the instrumental warmth of a classic rock soundscape of cascading electric guitars and a keenly intensifying drumline, Fable begins as one thing, and evolves to become something else entirely. Such is the Coda Nova creative backbone, the idea and feeling emerging first, the music simply a reactive expression of that.

From mellow opening moments through a faster-paced, distorted and grittier progressive rock mid-section, Fable weaves a fascinating story and simultaneously impresses for its clear grasp of musicality and outright superb musicianship amidst that.

The contrast is brilliant, from the reflective and shoulder-swaying, the familiarity of lines like ‘Say what you will’, to the higher-octane presence and power of a marching mosh-pit vibe that begs for you to witness things in the live setting.

The journey continues for over eight minutes, an initially recognisable soft-rock ballad soon taking on aspects of a plethora of other genres and moods as the story continues to reveal itself. Ultimately there’s a cinematic feel to proceedings, Fable proving itself to be a mighty source of escapism, enchanting and awakening; whilst also being subtly catchy enough to leave a lasting impact.

Refreshingly well-thought-out, and faultlessly executed. Well worth delving into.

Grab the music via Apple. Check out Coda Nova on Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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