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Cocoa Broken Inside


Taking listeners down a smooth and soulfully nostalgic pathway, songwriter and performer Cocoa delivers a heartbreaking yet enchanting single, for Broken Inside.

Featuring a strong groove of classic bass, piano and mellow drums, Broken Inside introduces its depth with a retro spoken segment and layers of harmonized vocal ad-libs. All at once we’re welcomed into an evocative Soul-Pop and RnB realm, whilst being introduced to a clearly talented and evocative singer and songwriter.

Reflecting on a deeply personal loss, Broken Inside tackles the devastation of losing a parent and a partner in the same year. Cocoa’s father was taken by pancreatic cancer in 2019, with her husband passing away suddenly in his sleep just two months later. The two most important men in her life, suddenly gone – an unimaginable pain that has somehow found its release and connection through the beauty of music.

Though a distinctly personal and incomparable experience led to the writing of Broken Inside, the underlying sentiments and the clear conviction and heartbreak in the vocal delivery make it an accessible and comforting listen – one that cries out on behalf of unjustified and often unbearable separation and loss. Cocoa puts in a sensational performance, faultless in melodic depiction but also authentically soulful in its relaying of these feelings and reflections.

Download or stream Broken Inside. Find Cocoa on TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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