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Retro flavours of guitar funk and lo-fi studio time pour through with a certain joy-inducing sense of story and good vibes – Cloverchild delivers a single that’s as catchy as it is thought provoking.

Featuring an equally timeless set of visuals for the lyric clip, Gallery progresses along a sort of classic pop-rock arrangement with just the presence of some finely-crafted subtleties to elevate it.

The voice is one, quietly mixed yet familiar and infectious in its descending verse lines. The production details and intricacies are another – hints of harmonica, the weight of the kick drum, the resolving quiet after each mention of the title during the hook.

The lyrics are another, an important one – the story emerges via short lines that intrigue and set the scene accordingly. The title itself lures you in, refreshing in its implication, then slowly but surely we discover there’s a poetic depth to the whole thing. Now this dreamy, hypnotic musicality reaches a completely new level – one upon which you can lose yourself, escape into contemplation and positive energy alike as the mind wanders.

There’s even an unexpectedly soulful, almost RnB-kissed middle-8 during the latter half; just in case you got complacent and started attempting to predict things.

Really nicely done, appreciably humble yet effective in musicality and concept. An indie sound with a timeless quality and a songwriting strength that should naturally keep listeners coming back for more. Thank goodness there are still acts like this making authentic music that kicks in with a lasting boost of appeal.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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