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Offering the perfect fusion of genres and a sublime energy level to take us through to the new year, Candy From Strangers is an EP and go-to playlist that envelops listeners in retro, melodic good vibes.

Access kicks things off, appearing on the one hand as this electronic, trip-hop soaked ambiance of escapism, and appearing on the other as a subtly catchy, emotionally loaded alt-pop single that connects for its humanity and realness. The various stages of the song rain down around you beautifully, confidently walking the line between organic performance and other-worldly creativity.

Dancer follows and a simple beat pounds alongside of an Owl City-style meandering synth-line and robotic vocal. Already there’s dynamic, but the production style and the songwriting direction lean cleverly towards a similar route as the opener, and these are unique threads throughout. This song is notably dreamlike, blissful to escape within – I just wanna dance accompanies the calming pulse of the beat in a hypnotic manner.

Answers Problems takes off as something of an anthem, loaded with anticipation, a rising sense of energy. You ultimately get a quicker pace, a rap verse, a clean-cut vocal and a detailed story-line. This moment undoubtedly breaks away from the norm, adding dynamic and working well to hold onto your attention. The hook resolves gorgeously, effectively creating a track that blends genres effortlessly and in a refreshing fashion. Increasingly likable, addictive, and uplifting to experience at volume.

Forever makes perfect sense where it is, a sublime classic dance track emerges and envelops listeners, meanwhile that rap vocal lays out the detail, offers a genuine connection that seems all too rare in mainstream music. A potential highlight but this can easily be said about any of these songs – it feels very much like a best-of collection, an easily entrancing one to return to again and again.

Bourbon brings things to a stylish and surprisingly soulful yet delicate finish. The song is intimate, breathy, taking its time to build. The romantic, personal touch adds further eclecticism, yet again holds close to that thread of character that connects the entire EP. A beautiful finish.

Candy From Strangers is a project loaded with fantasy, feeling, reflections on the past and ponderings for the future. The soundscapes are decidedly impressive, professional yet creative enough to not draw too many comparisons. Everything is flawlessly performed, and built up with clear audience awareness. Well worth embarking upon.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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