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Clément Bindzi All I Want


Following on from the beautifully colourful and well-received EP of 2020 Dreams, Clément Bindzi releases the equally dreamy and delicate All I Want – the perfect dance-pop summer hit to round off the season.

Featuring classically gentle, smooth and emotive vocals that nestle faultlessly within the mix, All I Want delivers a brilliant hit of song-writing and interesting structural progression.

From the outset we get a certain softness and familiarity, but all of this elevates towards energy and pace as the mid-section kicks in. Suddenly there’s bass, weight, a thicker vocal line, a sense of passion and volume and subtle distortion – a mighty drop into the rhythmic embrace of electronic bliss.

The two sections work gorgeously well together thanks to a fusion of great production, long-form, expressive and original writing, and the clever build up of the melody and lyrical resolve. The pre-chorus is subtle yet effective, and it makes sure that particular lines like ‘just don’t say you’re sorry all the time’ resound and linger after listening.

Beautifully crafted, honest and a somewhat gritty in being so. Clément Bindzi injects a fresh twist of identity into the modern dance-pop scene.

Download or stream All I Want here. Check out Clément Bindzi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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