Clay Joule - CRAZY (Feat. Elisa Mammoliti) - Stereo Stickman

Clay Joule CRAZY (Feat. Elisa Mammoliti)


Colorful pop-rock leaning towards classic rock with distortion and solos helps elevate this catchy social commentary from Clay Joule and Elisa Mammoliti.

Somewhat unsettlingly cheerful in its depiction of contemporary insanity, CRAZY digs into the concept of ignoring or snubbing a person sitting opposite from you, and instead losing yourself within the limitless images and ideas on a smart-phone screen.

The term for this is ‘Phubbing’, a modern issue reportedly affecting around half of relationships. It’s something we’ve all at-least witnessed in others; if not realized within ourselves. CRAZY attempts to combat this breakdown in connection with equal parts confrontation and hope.

Presenting with a theatrical overtone that features multiple sound-bites, effects and even stripped-away moments of spoken and dramatic skits, the single and video combined work hard to draw focus to the ache of separation that is digital obsession, but also to celebrate the warmth and beauty of genuine togetherness in real-time. The closing scenes in particular reinforce this crucial element of the song, and meanwhile the volume and repetition of the hook echoes through the mind indefinitely.

Loaded with personality and topical relevance alike, there’s a nostalgic quality to the songwriting and overall arrangement, resulting in a combination of elements that’s both retro and poignant.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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