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CJ Schedule a Demo


Sliding through with a retro and attention grabbing bass line, followed soon after by an equally Daft Punk-like string of effect-soaked vocal fragments, Schedule A Demo is a conceptual and experimental track that manages to hold tight to your interest right the way through.

Fusing cinematic qualities and a multitude of details, the track moves along smoothly at first, growing increasingly energetic and intense as it progresses. Alongside of this, the vocal fragments become sentences, ideas, and this sets the scene in an even more striking way.

CJ has collaborated with producer Leonard Dstroy on this release, and sometimes two minds do indeed make for something far more fascinating than one. By all accounts, the underlying concept here relates to business – specifically sales funnels and, of course, handing over demos. There’s a sense of both the past and the future about the soundscape and the suggestions and moments that pour through lyrically as the track goes on, and while this may seem softly chaotic and almost sci-fi like on occasion, it represents the underlying sentiments pretty accurately.

At the end of it all, what you have is an alternative dance track – one that never quite drops in as you’d expect, but one that also never quite leaves your mind once it’s made its way in there. The beat is superb, creative and captivating, vintage in many ways but also fresh in how that intensity and those notes either seem to be rising up and up, or floating through contently on top of these ideas and dashes of colour and quirk.

Well worth a listen – creativity is reaching new realms lately, and when it’s combined with professionalism and thoughtfulness, you get these uniquely appealing new releases that open the mind and offer a defiant moment of escapism unlike any other.

That was the demonstration? That was it??

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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