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Citi Boi Ced Opinionated


Leading with artistry, melody and intention, rapper and artist Citi Boi Ced brings something decidedly fresh to the modern rap and alternative pop scene.

An easy highlight is Opinionated, from the EP Untitled. Melodic and gritty, rhythmically on point, creatively fresh – the style has so much character and professionalism united that it grabs attention whilst satisfying the simple need to hear comforting, familiar threads of tune and organic instrumentation.

Also within that EP is the equally enchanting, again guitar-led and thoughtful Knock Her Down. Modern vocal effects and hooky phrases help connect the dots between the indie and mainstream scenes, but ultimately the flow, the storyline, the drop into rhythm, all works in favour of the Citi Boi Ced sound and style; complete with its versatility and clever wordplay.

Elsewhere we get more anthemic, bass-thick and soulful hits like She’s Bout Business – a different flow, different musicality and a more standard, recognisable structure. Still the Citi Boi Ced voice rings out unmistakably.

From the same release, Intoxicating takes those qualities further still, blending RnB vocal fragments with modern rap effects and an unexpected twist of dancehall and melody in the rhythm and hook.

Citi Boi Ced highlights himself as an effective songwriter in addition to showcasing skills as a rapper, and outright confidence and ability in performance. Intoxicating is simple yet catchy, smoothly setting the mood and naturally lining up to be the late-night romantic go-to for any and all listeners. The rap bars don’t come in until a minute and a half passes by, but it’s all part of the design – another creative choice from a fearlessly expressive Citi Boi Ced.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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