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Circus Of The West Boxes


Circus Of The West bring the warm and full sound of organic folk rock but with an added little twist of indie songwriter energy. The track Boxes features reflective imagery and metaphors that come through with power thanks to the emotional presence of the leading vocal and the gradual build up and explosion of the instrumentation.

Structurally the whole thing moves along in the way that any great story should. Every line has something poetic and thought provoking about it, the verses provide this influx of possibility and perspective, and then you get to the full throttle strength of the hook – the concept of living in boxes, the intense and almost distorted musical backdrop – it’s a great build up and a wonderful finish.

The band write songs from a place of creativity first, rather than to appeal to a particular audience. What I mean by this is that often times contemporary music follows a formulaic pattern of writing, a system that is known to attract an audience, but that occasionally lacks creative freedom or originality. The lyrics and the music throughout this recording are soaked in a certain kind of honesty and passion for music and artistic expression. It feels like the sort of song that simply had to be written, because to be creatively minded is to constantly depend upon that outlet, that release.

The unique nature of it is appealing, but also the overall sound has the skill and satisfying crunch of any great folk rock track. The riffs have a simplicity that allows listeners to fully access the sentiment and soul of the song. It’s all at once subtle and big, drawing you in bit by bit, and making you keen to discover even more music from the artists in the band.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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