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CIPH3R Double Rainbow


CIPH3R is a stand out producer right now for a number of reasons. The first seems to be the unapologetic and unafraid pace and immediacy of his music. Double Rainbow hits hard and heavy from the offset, raising your heart rate and launching you into the heat of the night in an instant. The second reason his music stands out though, as high energy alone doesn’t always cut it, is the fact that he incorporates these quickly addictive melodies and riffs into his soundscapes. The third is that they are indeed soundscapes – detailed and complex, thoughtfully crafted, and brilliantly satisfying.

Double Rainbow is a song at the top of its game right now in terms of tempo and intensity in EDM. At the same time though, that vocal, while sped up to unnatural heights, is incredibly engaging and appeals to the pop and soul fans within us as the music pounds through behind it. The balance works well, where the beat alone leans in something of a Gabba-like direction, the voice and the synths and colors among it keep the mood firmly rooted in the accessible, energizing dance realm. Furthermore, the various stages of the track make it consistently interesting – you get those breaks, you get their subsequent drops; you get to really experience the music. It’s a happy-hardcore track with an element of brilliantly experimental audio-play – particularly during the final minute. An immense release and a pleasure to stumble upon – well worth playing at volume.

CIPH3R has released a number of tracks lately and has been making waves in the live scene on top of this – he recently hosted a quality event that boasted Relaxer and daasnomem as headliners; you can find out more about that here. Shades Of Deception is another personal favourite and one that offers a slightly different style and pace to Double Rainbow. There are threads of character in the way these soundscapes build, but the eclecticism is refreshing and, as suggested, highlights an easily capable, skillful and creative producer well on his way to the top.

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