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Chucky Orbitz Real Feel


Chucky Orbitz makes a mighty return with this single Real Feel. What at first emerges as a classically vibrant dance-hall piece, with a simple melody and a rhythm that works in an easily uplifting way, soon evolves to be perhaps one of the most passionate and lyrically expressive hip hop fusion tracks of 2018.

Orbitz has overcome immense personal turmoil in his life and indeed in his career, but if this track says anything at all – and it does, it speaks volumes – he’s utilised every ounce of difficulty, and fused it brilliantly with his own unstoppable desires to create and to write and to perform.

Real Feel is a hit, simply put. It feels like a hit for reasons such as familiarity and a notably crisp production job from the offset. Much more than this though, the track achieves a fine balance between infectious hooks and rhythms, and something that’s distinctly artistic, emotionally poignant, and powerful in being completely free from concerns or the burden of audience expectation. In addition, the piece gradually rises in intensity, much like an EDM or dance-pop track might. Orbitz has the artist tag down – this isn’t just RnB, nor is it purely hip hop; it’s a piece of art. It’s expressive, honest, and unapologetic in being so.

Almost a minute passes by before the rap vocal even kicks in on this track. You make it to that point with ease though, because the ambiance, the multiple layers of brightness and colour, brings something smooth and energizing to the room. Then come the lyrics, the likes of which grow stronger and connect more deeply with each new listen. The song’s underlying concept is commendable – it’s inspiring, there are certain lines that meet the optimistic beauty of the music in a near-perfect way. At the same time, Orbitz throws plenty of personality into the mix – the story is his, the experience is unique and intimate, but the way he has presented it lets it be widely accessible; something that any listener can attach their own feelings and experiences to as it plays out for them. .

Chucky Orbitz is someone to look out for in music right now. You can hear the soul and the determination in his voice, and you can hear the professionalism in the soundscape. Real Feel is a huge track, but it’s also clearly just the beginning of something even bigger.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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