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Chuck Daggers In Gold (Radio) [feat. Diana Inez]


Chuck Daggers’ In Gold is a beautifully and professionally captured EDM track with a stunning, soulful featured vocal from Diana Inez – the perfect sort of release to see you through the rest of the summer.

In Gold is a gorgeous track, the sort that can enhance different moments or mean something slightly different depending on what you want to get from it. That is to say, if you need the moment to be energizing, to gear you up for the weekend – Daggers’ has crafted the journey with thickness and weight and vibrancy. The detail, the multiple layers of synths and the optimism inherent in the notes and chords chosen, even – especially – the manic build-up of the beat – all of this works perfectly in motivating and inspiring an audience to get up and go.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the human touch, of singer-songwriters with emotional performance styles, songs that reach out and connect, that inspire you to see the good in the world, instead of the bad or sad – you can turn this song up just as loud, and lose yourself in the concept, the passion, the purity. There’s so much hope in the backdrop, the opening few moments feel familiar but fresh, taking influence from what works in modern music, but also cleverly and skillfully fusing it with what feels right.

As the soundscape develops, it becomes this mesmerising, thoughtful, dreamlike experience – the kind that surrounds and immerses you, providing that essential escapism that we so often turn to music for. The dreams and aspirations that shine throughout the lyrics add to this sense of possibility and motivation that the song can offer the listener. It’s powerful, and an easy hit for 2018.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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