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ChronLogic Infectious (Will the Necrylum Survive?)


Producer and electronic composer ChronLogic has crafted a uniquely immersive, multi-layered and fascinating audio journey with this latest release.

Coming in at close to the eight minute mark, the track effectively takes its audience on a complex and hypnotic journey through rhythm, thought, and the depths of space.

Stylishly uniting the fast-paced reverberation of a quick-natured synth rhythm, with a sort of wave of a more mellow progression in the distance, and a series of additional moments interwoven amidst this, Infectious is perhaps one of the only tracks to emerge of late that wholly and unequivocally encapsulates the art of synth-wave. Everything here is synth-based, the light beat even takes a back-seat as this array of synths and fragments of melody rain down around you.

An aptly-titled contemporary outburst, with notably retro undertones, the journey picks up further energy as it progresses, increasingly enveloping the listener – with bizarrely compelling visuals to accompany this sci-fi-soaked experience should you wish to fully delve into the episode.

In the end, a kind of spiraling chaos ultimately sweeps through the room, intensity rising and bringing things to an almighty finish, which leaves an unsettling silence lingering once all is said and done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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