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Christopher the Grey Sun Rise (Remix)


Having let this new single from Christopher the Grey play out a few times now, it’s impressive the overall vibe and style the track puts out.

From a distance, there’s a slightly Moby-esque warmth to the hook melody and the soundscape. Then alongside of this you get a dash of classic, nostalgic, hip hop, a simple yet powerful poetic concept, and an electronically charged ambiance that effectively helps fuses these varied genres together.

That Sunrise hook is superb, brilliantly memorable and a pleasure to get swept away by as it fills the room. Then amidst this, beyond the entrancing trip hop aura, you get a suddenly detailed and striking rap verse, which adds a whole other level of intention to the piece. The first rap vocal isn’t the strongest moment, but once the hook hits, everything afterwards falls around with a little more brightness and strength.

It’s easy to like this, that riding bass-line contrasts well with the light soul and rasp of the vocal – and with the colourful synths flickering in the distance. The rap vocal is laid-back, dedicated to love but in a familiar and fun kind of way. It works, short rhymes and a personal declaration make for an honest, captivating set of bars that, as suggested, feel authentically inspired by the early hip hop releases from the dawn of the genre.

A smooth track, one that walks its own path and is easy to recognise.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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