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Christopher the Grey Higher


Christopher the Grey aims high conceptually and musically with this latest release.

The aptly titled Higher kicks in with a retro soundscape and a vocal repeat that quickly feels like an anthem or chant fit to inspire and motivate. Follow this up with a clear sense of rising anticipation and passion in the vocal delivery and lyrics, and the whole thing continues to energise as it progresses.

The sound design on Higher is distinctly unusual, fusing distorted guitars and synths with a heavy rhythm and intermittently impactful lashings of space. The beat is mellow in pace yet intense and dramatic in tone and weight. Then there’s the relentless high energy and drive of Christopher’s leading voice, and later the unexpected inclusion of a second vocal, along with a fresh touch of melody, to further the unique dynamic of the whole thing.

A retro yet fresh track, feeling brand new yet simultaneously nostalgic in style and set-up. The final moments of Higher see the listener immersed in this chaotic, swirling arena of vocal and musical layers and details.

Pre-save, or download or stream Higher here from November 18th. Find & follow Christopher the Grey on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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