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Christopher Dallman Highway Lines


Songwriter of one of the most addictive alternative pop songs of 2020, Christopher Dallman returns with his industrial rhythms and synth-soaked vocals for another beauty.

The sound is familiar now – rather than feeling experimental, it feels like Dallman’s style. Even the songwriting, these short lines, with the simple yet satisfying resolve – these all lean towards the recognizable traits of the artist.

Highway Lines is an equally thoughtful, deeply contemplative single to Time Of My Life. The vocals appear as a whole new kind of beautiful this time around though – there’s a certain soulful melancholy to this melody and the tone of voice that stands tall amidst the effects.

Perhaps there’s a more stylish groove, too – a touch of funk and even a dash of reggae in the offbeat soundscape synths – it doesn’t feel as uplifting so much as it does comforting, hypnotic in its looping ideas and these fragments of audio detail that light up the outer edges.

Again we get poetic imagery, forward thinking, reflections on life, and a notably personal perspective in relation to that. It’s broadly accessible, as always – the true calling card of a great songwriter. These songs are intimate, true to the self, so you get that authentic emotion, but they’re far from overloaded with detail that excludes the audience. Instead, they welcome you with broader references on existence and this journey we call life. Once again, the song is yours, mine, and anyone else’s who needs it.

Really nicely done.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Christopher Dallman on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or visit his Website.

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