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Christopher Dallman Time of My Life


Electro-pop with a heavy string of effects yet a softly soulful core – Milwaukee’s Christopher Dallman crafts a sound of his own with this brand new single.

Time Of My Life kicks into gear with a simple rhythm and soundscape, minimalist for the most part, and a distant, robotic vocal line. We’re gifted a few lyrics, short lines that set the scene poetically and showcase a subtly rising and falling melody. Then things change gear almost entirely.

The song’s hook sees the whole thing move from interesting to great, in my opinion. Suddenly the song’s concept, its deeply reflective nature, becomes the focus – not the experimental style, not the effects nor the genre. Things brighten up in an instant, the melody switching to a satisfying yet mildly melancholic resolve, essentially allowing those words – Always feels like I am climbing to the time of my life – to hit with superb impact.

Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple songs that take you to the most complex of places. Time Of My Life is a perfect example. These quiet, almost forgettable verse lines, create a powerful juxtaposition with the ultimately uplifting, emotive and passionate jump to the hook. And this idea repeats, the melody raining down in a hypnotic fashion, the soundscape working in unison to that same end.

Thoughts of the pursuit of happiness begin to swarm the mind, an experience that will prove unique to each listener. A beautiful song, presented in a style that’s a little out there but far from hindered by its own creative freedom. Brilliant, with plenty of potential for remix. An addictive single, well worth a few listens at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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