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Christon Gray Uber


Cinematically ambient and powerfully soulful throughout the same stylish journey, Christon Gray’s Uber brings contemporary songwriting together with timeless vocals and a classic jazz-piano lead; for an ultimately outstanding take on modern musicality.

Blissfully clean and crisp to listen to, the recording captures the intimacy and delicacy of both piano and voice, with a few subtle natural world flavours interwoven to really set the mood. All at once we’re guided through the smokey streets of yesteryear, and a story of romance loaded with imagery and longing.

Not often can songwriters illuminate the culture of the moment in a clever, relevant and non-overbearing fashion. In this case, Uber moves smoothly and with humility, through the genuine scenes of a story, as the singer effortlessly encapsulates the emotion and desire in a beautifully captivating fashion.

Another classic ballad, released by The Thirties indie label (co-founded by co-writer Dre Marshall), Uber introduces a faultless vocalist and artist, with a boldly refreshing yet authentically moving, deeply human manner of writing and performing.

Absolutely worth knowing about – a single that takes things back to the bare essentials, whilst elevating them towards what’s truly possible amidst the songwriting of tomorrow.

Download or stream Uber here. Check out Christon Gray on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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