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Christina Noor Heavenly Magic


Heavenly Magic is a fairly flawless song as far as your classic, pop-country arrangements go. The song is written with a specific purpose in mind, which it serves through and through; it declares the love of marriage in a bright and open way, and the melody of the hook really makes that idea and that feeling sink in.

Having first come across the track quite some time ago, it’s impressive to really realise how memorable the sound and the melody actually is – the song is instantly recognisable after just one listen, particularly once it gets to the chorus. The leading vocal performance has a fairly classic, pop-country or Americana style of presentation, leaning more heavily perhaps towards the pop side of things, and this gives the song a movie-scene sort of polish – again, really adding to that loving energy and that optimism that the song consistently expresses.

It’s a well written song, for certain – well structured so that each section connects to and compliments those surrounding it. The whole thing is also long enough to make sure that the leading hook and idea is repeated enough times to make it sink in, although this alone wouldn’t have such a lasting effect. As mentioned, the leading vocal performance adds a lot to the recording, and the effect left is that you’re likely to find yourself humming or singing the song long after the music has stopped.

A lot of thought and musical precision has gone into the creative mix here, and it shows. It all sounds very crisp and bright and warm – again, the perfect combination for a song with a loving purpose such as this. The words Heavenly Magic stay with you, as does that melody, and that’s one of the best songwriting effects you can hope for.

Rebecca Cullen

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