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Christian Heath’s EP One offers a heartfelt collection of soft-rock ballads and alt-pop classics. The project is kicked off by the emotionally striking I’m Yours – a song with a powerful hook delivered with genuine passion and weight. After this comes the industrial pop-swagger of One (A World Song) Ft Infidelix, a song that almost leans in more of an EDM direction than anything else, though even this is overcome by the progression of the music, and by the movement from the melodic verses, to the mighty hook, and once again to the final rap verse. The creativity here seems completely free from concern, though structurally the awareness and application is there – the song keeps your interest throughout, the instrumentation features distorted synths and organic horns alike, and the chorus section presents another immense anthem that would work beautifully during a live show.

Tonight mixes things up yet again, the sound of the South, a little Salsa-inspired, or the rhythm of organic European music – an acoustic guitar adds a touch of Flamenco. The melody feels like pop fused with RnB, the pace gets you ready to dance, the mood set feels fresh and uplifting – the whole thing comes through with an upbeat dash of something not dissimilar to the likes of Enrique Iglesias; the leading male vocalist’s tone and performance style is part of that. No Good For You follows and feels much more familiar and on part with the opening song – a vibrant pop track emerges, a rising intensity, a structurally effective and captivating piece that leads you confidently towards another really well crafted hook section. The concept and the key line hold plenty of strength in making certain you notice them.

Paradise takes the form of a much gentler, almost acoustic approach to emotional ballad writing and performance. There’s a delicacy here that fits the openness and intimacy of the lyrics really well. Heath’s leading voice sounds almost country inspired, you can pick out the intricate details of his sound much more clearly now, and at this point within the collection the song reaches for the soul in a subtle yet attractively honest way.

Magic completes the playlist and brings together elements of retro dance and smooth RnB in a stylish and easy to remix sort of manner. The song has great rhythm and simple lyrics that work in the way that any memorable, catchy pop song should. As the summer months start to peer out from behind the clouds, this is the sort of building block ready and waiting to make-up the soundtrack to welcome them. It has a very classic feel, as stated earlier – this is something you come to recognise in Christian Heath’s work. He knows how to write a pop song that feels all at once new and comfortingly familiar, and his voice drives the sentiment of each piece with passion and a notably recognisable tone. The EP has been well crafted and makes for an easy choice for fans of alternative or upcoming pop music with a dash of fresh personality.

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