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Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets Cheerleader In Love


This is the kind of song that really just draws your attention to the skillful songwriting that exists and even thrives just below the mainstream radar. It will be more than worth your while to dive head first into the musical catalogue of Chris Watkins and his band Drunk Poets.

Cheerleader In Love has a simple musical backdrop that is exactly as it needs to be. The music has a gentle, indie-meets-folk aura about it; the simple piano chords, the easy going strum of an acoustic guitar, the light nature of the cymbals and the evolving rhythm – everything just sets the scene with perfect grace and beauty, and the song that follows is every bit is gorgeous as the music supporting it.

The song is sublime, and really the feeling increases as the whole thing progresses. It’s an effortless recording in many ways, but the strength of it is that there is so much space within which to absorb the imagery and the concept of the track. The lyrics are kept to a minimum, there are only so many lines, but each one has been chosen and placed within the walls of the track with great care. It’s poetry to listen to, and the simple descending loop behind all of it has a hypnotic warmth – the sort that is easy to get into, but also refreshingly honest and organic in nature. The instrumentation has a realness about it that effectively reflects the openness and character of the two leading voices and the ideas that they present to listeners.

It’s really one of those songs that just works, everything about it works – you can listen on repeat and contemplate the words, contemplate the world around you, let your mind wander as the melody and the chord progression pours over you; or you can listen and get on with whatever it is you’re doing. It’s real music, it fills the room with a warm and genuine energy, and furthermore, it’s interesting – it’s unusual, it’s thought provoking – when you choose to really take it in.

Everybody wants to fall to pieces..

Cheerleader In Love is from the album Lights All Askew which you can download via iTunes. Find and follow Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

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