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Chris Skylark Pimpin (Feat. Kayy Ellis)


Strong vocal rhythm holds tight to attention as Chris Skylark and Kayy Ellis go hard with their bars, for Pimpin.

Featuring a touch of cinematic sound-play before a classic hip hop arrangement ultimately takes hold, Pimpin makes use of a multitude of flows, varying degrees of energy and equal parts motivation and metaphor.

The approach is that of an anthem, alternative yet catchy, and the precision and presence of the faultless performances throughout undoubtedly feeds into that.

Just two minutes and twenty-one seconds in length, the strings, bass and beat set-up of Pimpin has an enchanting quality, and the fast-paced bars on top of this work well to keep things moving – to inspire confidence, and to introduce both rappers in a manner that impresses.

Devoted to that confidence and drive, Pimpin is everything its title implies – a timeless take on the culture of hip hop, focused on entertaining but also self-sure in its energy and conviction on the mic.

The track has already gathered tens of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, with prior releases from Chris Skylark accumulating over 100,000 streams in total. The integrity of the genre and its hard-core fanbase is consistently standing tall. 2022’s Toxic no doubt made for a recognisable breakthrough single, uniting melody and rhythm again for a gritty yet stylish alternative to much of the current scene.

Laid-back yet on-point, Skylark’s voice leads with ability and freedom of expression, and this will hopefully prove a lasting strength across all future releases.

Download or stream Pimpin here. Check out Chris Skylark on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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