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Chris Murphy Hard Bargain


Chris Murphy’s violin driven music has a unique freshness about it that makes for an incredible and pretty special listening experience. The musician performs upto 200 live shows every year, and it’s these live performances that really highlight the power of this fusion of the violin and the songwriter’s own perspective and poetry.

Hard Bargain comes with a slight darkness and rhythm that fuse to make something immediately gripping and infectious. The lyrics reflect the darkness, but the melody and the energy of the performance reinforce the upbeat nature of the rhythm, and this contrast is what gives the whole thing so much character. Murphy’s story telling has the unapologetic honesty of country rock, and in fact his music carries a similar sentiment, something which shows regardless of setting – the video below is without a full band set up, yet somehow you still get the feeling that something big is taking place.

As a musician, it’s impossible to question the level of skill Chris Murphy has achieved through playing and exploring sound so creatively and so consistently over time. The violin itself is a mesmerising instrument when played so powerfully. The added blessing here is that you get the songwriter’s stories and sentiments pouring out alongside of it. Only with the likes of Seth Lakeman has this kind of mood been presented in a way that captivates, in my experience, and that’s much more of a folk-like setting. This track has something very gritty and real, it’s accessible to all, the words are laid bare and the audience is welcomed into the experience with open arms. It’s ever impressive and thoroughly enjoyable to witness.

You can find out more about Chris Murphy’s unique relationship to music and his creative aspirations in A Short Film About Chris Murhpy. Find and follow him on Facebook & visit his Website for more information.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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