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Chris Luciani Another World


Stylish hard rock presence, melodic appeal and topical, poetic depth unite beautifully, as Chris Luciani and band deliver their heavily anthemic, addictively provocative Another World.

Conceptually cinematic, bass-thick and with masterful riffs throughout, Another World brings together the dreamy production and thoughtfulness of today, with a brilliantly nostalgic edge of classic hard rock.

Utilising a dash of Audioslave-influence in the distorted guitar-work and presence, as well as a more uniquely characterful vocal lead for a clear sense of identity, the track introduces the Chris Luciani sound on a definite high.

Chris Luciani puts in a respectably versatile, passionate performance on vocals, and the surrounding guitars, bass and drums work equally well to create that immersive sense of unity and emotion. The LUCIDITY frontman moves skilfully from delicate, contemplative verses, to the outright callout and power of a boldly catchy hook.

Really nicely crafted, quickly urging the true rock fan to crank up the volume a few degrees. Well worth a few streams this side of the summer, and I look forward to the live shows.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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