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Chris Corey Stepping Stones


Delicate acoustic finger-picking accompanies the accessible tone and softness of Chris Corey’s vocal lead, throughout the rising anticipation and poetry of Stepping Stones.

Poetic as ever, the song adopts a powerful metaphorical route through self-reflection and contemplation. Lines of familiar reference meet with alternative takes and ideas that refreshingly redirect. Meanwhile, the acoustic introduction evolves into the drama of art-folk for a briefly reverb-drenched arena of thought and feeling.

Simple in set-up and with the melodic rise and fall, the whole thing washes over with a comforting air of knowing. Stepping Stones feels both relevant yet unusual, Corey’s mindset connecting yet also promising something a little left of the expected, for that true hint of artistry and honesty.

Intriguing, somewhat mysterious, with mild other-worldly effects elevating an otherwise stripped-back, organic folk sound, Stepping Stones makes for a fine introduction to the new year of music.

Corey’s thoughtful writing and vocal commitment shine beautifully here, bringing together genres and influences in an ultimately unspecific manner. In short, portraying a clear identity that will hopefully stand tall throughout future releases and live shows.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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