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Chochi Smoke, Sabs Love Songs From The Bando


Love Songs From The Bando presents hip-hop fans with a connected and conceptual collection of tracks that link back to the title’s central idea throughout. Opening with Intro, offering up the rhythm, darkness and confidence of classic hip-hop, relevantly introducing the character and swagger of the leading voices, you immediately get a feel for the personalities and style that will follow as things progress.

Musically the project varies a fair bit, every track has its own unique rhythm and leading riff. There are also a fair few hooks involved, not too prominently on the melodic side of things, more distinctly featuring those vocal choruses of togetherness – giving off something of a gang feel that reinforces the ideas from the lyrics and the motivational element that these high energy and confident performances bring about.

From We In This through Stupid Pack it’s fairly easy to differentiate between the musical backdrops. The creativity is strong yet never irrelevant to the genre or the overall vibe. And there’s undoubtedly a certain vibe to this project that stands tall throughout – a carefree and driven sort of mood that draws you to do your own thing, to do whatever you want to do.

Production-wise that creativity continues to grow, but as stated – it’s always these subtle changes that give each track a signature sound. The story-lines progress into structurally varied scenes for the likes of Belong. The artists involved have had fun making this, and that passes on as you listen. It’s a great way to approach any kind of creative expression, though it’s particularly effective when it comes to hip-hop and the idea of being confident and truthful; whatever your truth may be. The underlying stories throughout offer a mixture of the more serious and the laid back, which works pretty well.

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