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Chioke Dmachi Rain


Choirs of soft gospel-inspired pop wash over the listener while under the melodic spell of Rain, the new single from Chioke Dmachi. Chants fill the air, hovering above rounded, African-style drum hits that come in and quickly fade out – grabbing the ear’s attention before a rich influx of harmony pours in.

Dense chords follow Dmachi’s voice, hitting each note like a drop of fire to create warm undertones for the vocally rich song. The beat drops at around 40 seconds into the track, adding extra energy to the soothing and lingering refrain. Syncopated cymbal strikes imitate the sound of rain, random yet still altogether predictable in the scheme of rhythmic balance. One hears the honesty and longing within Dmachi’s delivery (Just give me more, emphasis on the more) as he shows off a lovely range and the choir repeats rain, a reflection of literal rain’s cozy litany.

The drums fall out at crucial points in the song to again give attention to the vocal harmony in the back and certainly the front, coaxing any listener deeper into the melodic depths. The entire production unites to create a calming effect. Depending on the setting, the song could convince someone to stand up and dance, or sit back and daydream; a curious but refreshing duality.

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The piece ends with the final words, I was so empty, you fill me up, while the back sings, I need. Clearly the lyrics deal heavily with desire, a familiar cycle illustrated effectively by the water concept. Imagine rain like desire, continuously drenching the earth only to be inevitably evaporated by time, leaving the earth always thirsty for more. Rain runs parallel to the mechanism of desire, a vital drink that never fully satisfies the steady desire for more, at least not forever (or for long).

Philosopher Slavoj Zizek describes desire’s aim as “not to realize its goal, to find full satisfaction, but to reproduce itself as desire”. The speaker appears to reflect this concept, stuck in a perpetual need to be filled, as does seem to be the natural condition of humanity (given our rates of consumption in the physical and emotional spheres). Fleeting as feelings may be, Dmachi’s single will fill you up for three and a half blissful minutes, until the music drains away – leaving you wistfully wanting more. Prepare for a seductive ear shower amidst this artist’s unique blend of gospel dance pop; no umbrella necessary.

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