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Chill-E Sliphop Eye Kill Me (Instrumental)


Kicking off his latest instrumental with a poignant and cutting monologue regarding gun crime in black communities, Chill-E Sliphop introduces himself as a notably creative, deeply thoughtful, and undeniably professional producer.

Eye Kill Me is a fresh beat ready and waiting for collaboration. The concept suggested in the intro undoubtedly suits the depth and darkness of the soundscape, but the music in itself could align with any number of progressive and considerate writing styles.

What appeals about this style of production is the manner in which Chill-E Sliphop has structured the track. From a somewhat retro beginning, layers of unusual synths and programmed sounds unite amidst a contrastingly organic sounding beat. There’s a simplicity to these, but the chord progression, the contrast between details, adds a certain complexity – and this is precisely what blends so well with the implied concept.

Later on, as the intro falls away, strings emerge, a spacious, quieter ambiance, and within that you can feel the intensity and anticipation rising – you can imagine the weight of the lyricism should an artist choose to explore the underlying sentiments even further.

Coming in at well over the five minute mark, the track keeps that creative structuring at the forefront, highlighting more than a couple of breaks – moments where the spoken segment returns to remind you and re-set the scene. Here certain acoustic fragments add a sense of delicacy that powerfully juxtaposes the bass-heavy weight that is the drop back to the main rhythm.

Clever design, intentional, loaded with character. Worth a look.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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