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Chayce Kennedy Mr. Super Fine


Classic pop meets with contemporary design, as Canadian songwriter and artist Chayce Kennedy delivers a quickly catchy new single, for Mr. Super Fine.

Enjoyably warm from the outset, building up from simple pop verses towards the bigger beat and anthemic appeal of its hook, Mr. Super Fine emerges complete with a captivating set of visual scenes, depicting Chayce both in performance and simply loving life – in the way that this colourful kind of pop sound and personality tends to imply.

The arrangement is clean, uplifting yet not intense, and showcases the natural ability and bounce of Chayce Kennedy’s vocal and writing style combined.

Really nicely produced, Mr. Super Fine has the makings of a heartfelt pop ballad in some ways, but softens that intensity with a quirky hook – lightening the weight of an otherwise poetic ode to romantic longing and connection.

The balance between the two extremes works well, and ultimately lets Mr. Super Fine become a strong contender for the ‘our-song’ of young romantics. An ear-worm for sure, and nostalgic in its purity and cleverly memorable concept.

Find Chayce Kennedy on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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