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Chasing Jonah The Sentence


There are certain times when you really can’t help but notice the striking difference between songs that are written purely for the purpose of creating, and songs that are written from an innate need to express something. What I mean by this, is that you can listen to any handful of songs from artists you find online, and they all have something enjoyable about them – some clear sign of individuality – but many often feel like songs just to be songs; music to make you feel good, music to let you know who somebody is. And this is fine, in fact it’s great – the more music we have in the world the better. It just makes you really aware of those times in which a song genuinely takes hold of you as you listen; and keeps holding on until quite some time after it’s finished.

The Sentence is one of those tracks that feels like something far more than just music. To listen to it is something special in itself; Ashley Dudukovich’s voice is superbly unique and skillful, and the way in which the music builds up to certain moments, breaks back down, glistens with every step taken – thanks to a beautifully polished production – it leaves you thinking everything is exactly where it needs to be right now. To listen and be aware of the lyrics, however, is another thing entirely.

The song has the effect of soaking you in emotion; making you feel, at times, overwhelmed by sadness. It creates this thought provoking aura of empathy, which is something so powerful, and not always easy to find in modern music. It’s actually the sort of track that is likely to conjure up different ideas, images, memories, in whomever it is that listens – so the experience of listening becomes something unique for each and every person that takes it on. That’s a pretty incredible thing to achieve in song writing, and to do so without sacrificing musical appeal or accessibility, is a rare and wonderful sort of success.

Simply put, this song is inescapably beautiful – it affects you when you listen, so you just can’t help but listen intently. The depth is clear from the offset, and the sound creates such a sublime atmosphere, that there’s nothing left to do but sit back and listen – sit back and let your mind drift off with the music. This is an exciting release and the prospect of upcoming projects from Chasing Jonah is something you won’t want to miss out on.

Chasing Jonah is an alternative indie project fronted by Ashley Dudukovich and featuring an array of collaborators. The song The Sentence comes out September 15th on all major distribution platforms. You can pre-order it today over on iTunes. Find and follow Chasing Jonah on Facebook, TwitterYoutube and Instagram, and check out the Website for more information.

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