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CHARLY & THE CHARACTERS Don’t Know, Don’t Care


Don’t Know, Don’t Care is the somewhat timeless new single from LA outfit CHARLY & THE CHARACTERS. It’s a release that appeals more and more so with every few moments that pass by – beginning with a simple acoustic riff, a sense of space and purity, and a leading voice subtly loaded with emotion and personality.

As the track gathers momentum, these deeply thoughtful and often poetic lyrics intrigue – short lines deliver the concept in small doses, and meanwhile the organic instrumentation seeks to appeal to and satisfy those inner indie-rock and blues fans within us.

The song makes its way through two verses before the hook crashes onto the scene – a moment that lifts the whole thing up, resolving the uncertainty of the verses in a brilliant way. It’s followed by an equally fitting and energizing guitar solo that breaks up the weight of the lyricism in the perfect way – Zoe Pelloux’ production lets all of this shine as brightly as possible.

There are more than a few likable qualities about this song – not least of all the fact that it’s been well-written. There’s truthfulness involved, subtle and humble in many ways, but incredibly real at its core. The melody is mildly familiar but evolves to become its own thing entirely, and that voice is undoubtedly one that’s easy to relate to and later recognise. It’s a great song, without a doubt – a fine introduction to a band well worth looking out for.

Stream the single on Spotify. Visit the producer Zoe Pelloux’ Website for more information.

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