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Charlie Christmas Place To Stand (Weird Old Man)


Having not intended to listen through the whole album in one sitting, the opening song on Charlie Christmas’s Weird Old Man was quick to change my plans.

Leading with initial delicacy and lyrics that are refreshingly intriguing, plus a musical set-up that increasingly takes you somewhere far from here and far from today, the songwriting and music this project offers are a total treat for fans of escapism and original creativity across the board.

Charlie Christmas’s reflections on life are all at once unexpected and appealing for their honesty and this calm demeanor with which he presents them. Leaning towards a slightly Bowie-like aura, classic rock and roll with experimental twangs of creative freedom, the opening song Place To Stand introduces the playlist in a brilliantly entertaining and fascinating way, and following this – Friend Of Mine is equally enjoyable. Short and snappy lyrics draw you over and connect on unpredictable levels.

Having been the original bass player in Urge Overkill, Charlie’s musical journey has been vast and varied, and that level of experience and knowledge pours through to brilliant results on this album. Great songwriting meets with a carefree and consistently interesting approach to music in general, and for all of these reasons – Weird Old Man is an absolute must this year.

Download the album via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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