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Chanelle Gray Hurt People


Bringing together fragments of nostalgic RnB with dance-pop layers of detail, Chanelle Gray delves into the relentless ache of trauma, with the uniquely genre-blending single Hurt People.

Initially standing tall on the strength of a warped, meandering bassline for musical identity, Hurt People soon weaves in a looping, dreamy vocal riff, and follows this with trap rhythms and Gray’s own nostalgically soulful voice.

Lyrically the song reflects on the nature of humanity, from selfish acts to the ultimate impact of these on other people. The melody follows a versatile structure, again leaning towards the yesteryear RnB hits and simultaneously highlighting the absolute strength and ability of Chanelle’s voice.

Produced by Phil “PheelthaBeat” Martin Jr., Hurt People offers a contemporary yet timeless sound, mellow but with hints of uplift and colour – contrasting the melancholy of the lyrics and concept with an ethereal overtone that helps provide listeners with a warming, comforting hit of escapism.

At just under four minutes in length, and released on Gray’s own label Gem’s Child Entertainment, Hurt People makes its soundtrack known as effectively as its intentions, with the leading sentiment of ‘Hurt people hurt people’ resounding effectively throughout.

Download or stream Hurt People here. Check out Chanelle Gray on Twitter & Instagram.

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