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Chance Justice Vacay


Big vibes and a catchy layer of funk meet with tribal rhythms and clear personality – rapper and artist Chance Justice crafts a an ear-worm of a hit with Vacay.

Leading with acoustic guitar and a uniquely quick-handed rhythm, the track introduces the vocal clarity and simple positive energy of Chance’s voice and musical intentions with ease.

The whole thing has the makings of a timeless pop classic with a twist of world music flavours, which suits the multi-cultural references and languages that feature throughout the lyrics.

Infectious as ever, a little home-made but authentic in being so, and with an equally likable, strangely captivating video depicting the artist and his life-size doll taking a tour of Europe.

Everything from the quirky vocals to the clear joy in the delivery makes this a colourful summer shot that quickly drowns out the darkness of the world for a while.

Focused on celebrating vacations, holidays, the single does exactly as promised and invites a genuine desire to let go and enjoy some chill vibes in the sun.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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