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Chad Rubin Feels


Songwriter extraordinaire Chad Rubin leads with heartfelt intentions and organic, colourful pop sentiments, throughout this infectious and consistently impressive new album Feels.

Things start off on a high and refuse to fall below par. With Body Language, we get an immediate influx of versatility – multiple layers of colour and influence, from classical piano through folk-pop and rap verses of varying pace, to an almost RHCP-style vocal hook as the bass and beat drop in for final impact.

Always it’s the songwriting that stands tall – Rubin’s humble, accessible voice proving a worthy podium for that, and ultimately introducing the album in an uplifting, inescapably catchy manner.

Throughout the thirteen-track collection that voice is undoubtedly a calling card – a thread between moments. Rubin incorporates a multitude of genres and styles, often leaning towards the acoustic-pop realm of Jason Mraz in long-form verses and energy, but essentially promising his own unique twist on contemporary design and performance.

You’ll Find You is all of this, and naturally inspiring in the same instance. Then there’s the anthemic presence of the title-track Feels, with its shoulder-swaying, sultry swagger, whispered vocals and deeply emotive, intimate storyline.

The anthem quality is another characteristic of the whole album though. Songs like Amen, Just Another and Lost In The Jungle quickly raise the roof with big vibes and catchy hooks combined – as does the acoustic softness and positivity of Singing Your Song.

Chad Rubin is a songwriter through and through, and this album draws undeniable focus to that fact. A little Mike Posner-like perhaps, in writing style and vocal calmness – also in the potential for so many of these pop songs to be remixed and reimagined under a fresh light.

As it stands, a mighty album, joyful and inspiring at just the right time, from an artist skilfully paving his own way in modern music. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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