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Chad Rubin Everything is Fine EP


What a vibe – catchy writing, strong grooves and topical relevance; Chad Rubin unites all of this in an instant, as the iconic anthem Wdayfg kicks off the EP Everything Is Fine.

Chad Rubin first crossed our path back in 2022, the album Feels introducing an artist with a clear level of energy and esteem to his songwriting. Those qualities ring loud once again, this time capturing affection with equal appeal in the unity between rhythm, melody, tone and character.

The underlying story of Where did all your friends go resounds alongside this organic, almost acoustic ska set-up, and the quickness and personality of Chad’s voice suits these long-form and rhythmically satisfying progressions brilliantly. It’s a winning combination, marking a favourite song from this month so far, and starting up the EP in a way that keeps you locked in.

As we move into All Along, Chad’s style is distinct but versatile – the track structurally as creative as the performance, and meanwhile we get hints of influence from the likes of The Chilli’s as much so as indie legends like The Cat Empire or John Butler Trio. A mighty leading riff and quirky rhythms ignite interest in the live show, something that’s no doubt impressively captivating thanks to Chad’s balanced abilities across guitar, vocals, and lyricism.

It’s up, up and away with these four tracks. Amen intoxicating in a similarly anthemic fashion, infectiously catchy, but also bringing through a uniquely electronic and ethereal soundscape to back up the acoustic rhythms and fast-paced outpourings of Chad’s verses.

It’s a fresh twist on a style that’s now unmistakable, and the production here really lets the darker depths and celebratory peaks of Amen connect in a truly unforgettable fashion. Not surprising then, that this particular song is closing in on 100,000 streams right now.

For the final track, Chad reverts back to the rap-melody fusion you might know him for, but makes sure to balance this with yet another simple but striking earworm of a hook.

On Your Own is a huge arrangement and performance, melodically and conceptually evocative, with a big-band vibe that lets the power and energy of the writing stand incredibly tall. It’s enchanting to listen to – emotional, energising, and allows you to escape into the moment whilst being genuinely impressed by the level of skill and integrity on offer.

If you’re someone who likes to read a range of these articles and features, the best thing you can do today is actually press play and let Everything Is Fine work its magic at volume for you. Music is one of life’s most powerful and everlasting gifts. Chad Rubin has crafted something original here, familiar but fresh, creatively unexpected, colourful and impassioned. It’s exciting, thought provoking, uplifting and calming all at once; just to let these songs and ideas rain down amidst such a satisfying musicality.

Despite the distance between us, I’ll be keenly awaiting a UK tour from Chad Rubin. Watch this space.

Find Chad Rubin on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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