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Chad Rico Still Wit It


Fresh from his latest album, Chad Rico’s Still Wit It is a single that brings through a classic anthem-style hip hop experience that’s as energizing as it is enjoyable.

Leading with a spacious and surprisingly organic beat – flickers of electric guitar meet with a heavy beat and dashes of harmonica, among other layers – the track finishes things off with a rhythmically engaging vocal and an overall easy vibe that’s a pleasure to turn up loud.

Chad Rico showcases both a love for hip hop – wordplay, rhyme, rhythm – and music as a more general art form and means of expression. The musical aspects of this single impress increasingly throughout, underlining a passion for the instrumental and melodic aspects as much so as the lyrical and vocal-flow side of things. Though it seems like a crucial trait, it’s a rare one in much of contemporary hip hop.

For all of these reasons, this and the new album in full makes for an absolute must if you’re a fan of the classic vibes and bars that intrigue and entertain every step of the way. Chad Rico knows how to work his audience, and this new project speaks volumes on behalf of that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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