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Chad Rico How You Make It (12 Weeks of Summer)


Chad Rico’s upcoming project is one that’s being teased into the music world by a series of single releases. The first of those is the ambient introduction to his personality and laid-back writing style that is How You Make It. Rico exercises a simple love for the genre, a fairly creative and surprisingly dreamlike backdrop accompanies a seemingly carefree, intimate vocal delivery that suits the upfront nature of the lyrics.

What grows to prove more impressive are the structural choices that emerge later on – pauses and breaks, moments of passion; brief outbursts that make-sure to re-capture any wandering attention. Rico fuses contemporary rap styles with a little that leans in a more creatively free and unique direction. His voice has character, for sure, and the more of his recent music you hear, the more notable this becomes.

Musically this single is quick to leave its mark, feeling partly jazz-cafe-like but with an intermittently heavy beat that hits with impact. Pick and choose any of the other tracks from the upcoming EP and you’re likely to now immediately recognise that vocal tone. Rico also delves into his own personal story and world in detail on some of the other singles, offering inspiring honesty and a likable sense of realness that’s easier to connect with.

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