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Cesare No Pain (Feat. Carti Bankx)


Cesare and Carti Bankx collaborate once again for this release, keeping that fresh sense of unity alive and well in the form of the melodically hypnotic new track No Pain.

What works about this from the offset is the quickly likable rise of the melody. Where the opening moments present a lower vocal tone, a fairly rhythmic yet familiar hip hop hook, the later moments see the voice reach up towards the higher octave, intensifying and energizing the moment, and essentially lighting up the entire track; and subsequently the room. As if that wasn’t enough to place this release way higher than anything Cesare has come out with to date, the rap verses go on to deliver a completely engaging and unusual style of lyricism and delivery – a final touch that really brings out the character and identity of the sound.

The rap voice appears up close and personal, almost whispered, then short lines burst through one by one – almost like a call and response between the rapper and himself, his ideas; he lists the details of the song and the emotions behind it in a compelling way. Furthermore, the contrast between these spoken word moments and the uplifting brightness of the hook lets the whole thing really hit with impact.

The beat itself grows more impressive and enjoyable as things move along, and all in all you’re left feeling keen to revisit the release to revel in that multi-coloured soundscape once more; and indeed to make certain you didn’t miss a bar or a thought that matters. There’s plenty here conceptually to connect with and consider, and there’s also a fine balance between contemporary familiarity and creative freedom. For all of these reasons, No Pain is yet another huge step in the right direction for Cesare. A refreshing take on modern hip hop and alt-pop.

Stream or download the single here. Find & follow Cesare on FacebookSoundcloudTwitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Find & follow Carti Bankx on SpotifyTwitter & Instagram.

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