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Cesare & Mangino Pittura Case


Cinematic presence and outright creativity deliver a refreshing set of original tracks, as rapper and artist Cesare collaborates extensively with Mangino, for the fiercely purposeful album Pittura Case.

From simplicity and distant intrigue, the project introduces itself with unexpected drama and violence – subtle keys and spoken-word segments of cult movie scenes pave the way into the chaos of what follows.

We then get an immediately catchy hip hop anthem in the form of Sicari, colourful and rhythmically addictive, and we’re into the heart of these smart, sharp and intentional bars – alongside the consistently artistic and immersive nature of the production.

Eleven original tracks and equal parts detailed and passionate, the cinematic strength of this project speaks volumes on behalf of the underlying concepts and threads that unite it. Anthemic hooks appear again and again, intermittently with gritty, captivating verses, which are always genuinely original and refreshingly interesting.

There’s a classic hip hop aura to the vocal style and the cleanly mixed finish, then there’s this retro, yesteryear overall vibe to the details, the fragments and even the imagery.

Too Much Static is all of this, keeping the mood consistent, before a more haunting Made Man injects a rhythmically enthralling hit of motivation and possibility. The minimalist set-up allows the power of the lyrics and their faultless delivery to really shine light on a whole new side to the album.

Blending mainstream qualities and heavier, underground tendencies is another strength. Hibaci is fast-paced yet melodic, fusing references that are quirky and recognisable with plenty more that are unique and personal.

Suddenly we get the storytelling of Bella, melodic and multi-genre-based, contrasting drama and emotion of tune with the more upfront descriptive nature of the lyrical scene setting.

Both Mangino and Cesare offer the best of their devotion to the cause, the two voices promising dynamic yet remaining rooted to the intentions of each track. It keeps you interested, and keeps the Pittura Case force at center stage.

Intensity reemerges for the dark yet inspiring Foreign – another motivational backbone of honest, somewhat comical yet always impressive bars.

During the final third, Flashy is a natural highlight – simplicity reins again, an easy melodic piano hook, rhythmic vocals and a clear sense of depth and passion that envelops the listener from start to finish.

Gold Medallions comes in perfectly afterwards, contrasting a haunting, ambient backdrop with increasingly fast-paced, intense rap vocals – and later a quieter verse that subtly highlights the juxtaposition between material goods and a higher faith.

During the final moments, Card Sharks fully recaptures that movie presence, and Lealta marks the end of the album with conceptual descriptions and musical calm – delivering a lingering edge of thought provoking content that reinforces the entire journey of the album.

It’s a project that keeps on giving, and the humility of the finish works well with the confidence and complexity of the writing and overall presentation. Well worth a few spins this summer and beyond.

Download or stream Pittura here. Check out Cesare on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website. Follow Mangino on Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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