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Cesare Hard Times (Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)


It’s hard to compare the work ethic of Cesare to anyone else in independent hip hop right now. The first of yet two more brand new releases is a track that hits hard and with memorable impact, showcasing Cesare at his peak passionately and engaged within a story-line that holds close to the intense and gritty vibe presented by the music.

Hard Times is a powerful song, the soundscape is brilliant – there’s a certain originality to the dissonant nature of the riff, and the crisp quality of the production means that the whole thing creates immersive chaos when you listen loud – and that’s without the use of a heavy beat. It’s interesting to listen to this, there’s a weight and power to the whole thing, but it’s not a drum line – the beat is distant and quiet. It’s the two featured artist’s vocals driving with such intention, alongside of this quickly compelling and fairly addictive ambiance.

Both Cesare and Hoodrich deliver with angst and swagger on this release. Not unnecessarily, but in keeping with the darkness and motivation of the lyrics. Cesare always keeps things real, without question – it’s a quality you can rely upon him for. This track lays that quality bare amidst a surprisingly haunting and impossible to ignore beat.

Absolutely worth a download if you’re a fan of classic hip hop but seeking out that somewhat alternative, experimentally creative aura at the same time.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Cesare on Facebook, TwitterInstagram or visit his Website. Check out Hoodrich Pablo Juan on Instagram & Twitter.

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