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Cesare Balance (Feat. P-Lo & Carti Bankx)


Well and truly keeping the momentum going and the passion high, Cesare follows up his recent bout of new releases with a beautifully melodic and heartfelt piece entitled Balance.

Seeing the artist and rapper collaborate once again with the well-matched Carti Bankx, as well as bringing P-Lo’s talents into the mix, Balance is a song that walks the line between melody and rap, creating a dreamlike ambiance; within which this decidedly honest and open string of lyrics can flow through.

The track kicks up with a hook, the beat is mellow and the mood is chilled from the offset – upon this the hook strikes with a gentle contemporary twang but a more notable level of heart and purpose. Following that, the verses proceed to offer details and personal intricacies that lay bare a certain level of realness and vulnerability. While Cesare is never afraid to get deep and genuine with regard to feelings and life in his music, this particular release seems in some ways like the most open and meaningful yet. It feels directed specifically at a significant other, and it feels deeply considerate at the same time.

The very concept of balance, of needing to find that in order to achieve peace and to re-connect with those who matter, is something rarely pondered in modern hip hop; or music in general. This song goes against the grain in many ways, not throwing blame or leading with guilt, just keeping things honest and admitting that a little more of an even-spread, a little re-shuffle, is required in order for things to work. That level of complex thought reaches out well, and it’s also softened effectively by the more familiar and recognizable references that appear elsewhere in the track; keeping you focused for the most part on the groove, the subtle movement of the music.

A step in a slightly different direction yet again, but as always – a crisp and professional, enjoyable beat, worked upon with style by a pair of artists who know how to master their bars and write songs that emerge as authentic, engaging, and relatable.

Download or stream the track here. Find & follow Cesare on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Find & follow Carti Bankx on SpotifyTwitter & Instagram. Check out P-Lo on Instagram & Twitter.

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