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CEO Fields 25/8


CEO Fields drives with a clear understanding of and connection to the importance of hard work and dedication in line with a natural talent and passion for the process. This is the method for success, and 25/8 deals with it directly, and it does so amidst a fairly unique beat; and with a quickly engaging pair of vocals.

The opening verse on this track – following the spoken word segment designed to inspire and motivate – is an outpouring that brings confidence, energy and drive all at once. There’s character in the voice, in the tone and the performance alike, and there’s also plenty there to impress lyrically – these bars hit hard and fast. Meanwhile, that industrial and spacious beat storms through with style and equal personality.

The whole thing speaks volumes on behalf of freedom and the worthwhile nature of hustling to escape the nine to five. Rather than fall victim to the mere subject though, the track masters the topic, takes control in every way, and this lets it captivate and impress right the way through. That goes for the song’s hook, too – it’s a mighty chorus, melodic and distant, quickly enchanting and easily memorable. In between these moments of softness and tune, the rhythmically addictive verses hit with all the more impact thanks to that contrast.

This is a genuinely brilliant new hip hop track, one that feels well-rooted in the genre’s history but that also subtly introduces a new and focused artist, with a clear skill for the art form.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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