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Celeste Buckingham Immature


Fresh from the album BareCeleste Buckingham has released Immature as a single this summer, and it’s notably all the more powerful as a contender in the alternative pop world. The song stands tall from the offset, a quick-natured synth contrasts with a longer wave that fills the space around you. Emerging thereafter is Celeste’s leading voice, confident and effortless in reaching those peaks as well as beautifully presenting those lower, quieter moments.

You forget how good the song is until you hear it in its own right. The production is on point, the hook is brightened by well-cut snippets of audio that add an all-important riff to an already simple and effective melody. It’s a hook that sinks in quickly, just as you’d expect from well written pop music. It’s also got that necessary alternative touch, that edge – Celeste Buckingham has a certain swagger about her music and her performances that works beautifully right now. The very concept of this song, its hook, and the superb accompanying video, all back this up brilliantly.

Structurally the song has the necessary layers to really keep an audience interested – not unlike the scenes in a short film. The stops and the starts, the evolution from the hard-hitting vocals to those delicate, almost whispered ones. Celeste makes light work of switching things up, her voice being perfectly suited to this sort of mood and movement.

As the track builds, those final moments repeat that essential fusion of audio elements, the passion increases, you get swept away by the hook and the energy of the whole thing. A strong choice to release as a single and an easy-to-repeat piece ready to see you through the coming summer months.

Download the album via iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud. Find & follow Celeste Buckingham on Facebook, InstagramTwitter. Visit her Website for more information.

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