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Cejay Rich Sky’s


Producer and artist Cejay Rich gets emotionally rhythmic on this smooth and dreamlike new single Sky’s. Fusing distant yet melodically addictive vocals with a tripped-up, industrial style beat, and a series of delicate synths that rain down around you, the song offers up a quickly infectious hook by means of a choir-style vocal delivery – making certain you walk away remembering it.

Sky’s is a simple song in nature, a few key elements help give it a definite sense of character, and that’s all that’s really needed. There’s a calming pulse about the whole thing, a minimalist beat and a few lyrical ideas breathe in and out of the mix – like waves lapping up at the shore. Everything is contained within this mildly reverb-touched arena, so as a listener you find yourself lost within that same meeting of moments.

I was actually reminded slightly of the more melodic tunes from Outkast, back in the day. There’s plenty of personality to the whole thing, a few hints of influence but nothing specific – on the contrary, you get a sense of creative freedom from the track, an understanding that this is about making music, making art, and that genre or style doesn’t confine or dictate which direction things should go in.

Three distinct vocal sections help build a feeling of movement, of change, within the track. The soundscape itself feeds further into this – stops and starts, break-downs and build-ups – the entire release works as a unit to express this late-night, thoughtful vibe; one encouraging escapism and simultaneously being suggestive of an artist who thrives within that very same environment. There’s a calming aura of isolation and quiet to the whole thing, it comforts to the point that when the music stops the silence is a little too overwhelming. Absolutely worth a listen and it will be interesting to hear what comes through with the longer project.

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